Unreal Existence

Deposit: $9,200.00 (to reserve the painting)



Artist: Santana Gohain

Medium: Acrylic, graphite, pigment, paper on board

Dimension: 60″ x 48″

Yer: 2011

Price: $9,200.00

Artwork Description

For Santana Gohain, the connection between her, the surface, materials, tools, the time when her work goes on and the environment and her surroundings, among these elements a relationship or a process happens and it develops into something… Existence… An image!

The process:- The Process has a major role in her work, which makes a physical and mental relationship with me, both the surface and the process. If the process is not there, the image would not exist.

When I make my work surface, I paste paper on the board to make a surface and peel out the surface or paper from the board again and some still remain there with their own character, then I apply color and again I make an image on it. It goes on until I decide to stop it.

My whole environment is full of industrial material and images apart from nature. I use industrial materials like graphite as colour, as clay, I make the graphite-like clay and apply on paper on board. As an illusion of steel sheet in a similar process of preparing of a printing block. Buffing and scratching etc…

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