Keep Moving

Deposit: $4,500.00 (to reserve the painting)



Artist: Aravind Mahajan

Medium: Acrylic & Charcol on paper
Dimension: 87cm x 140cm

Price: $4,500.00

Artwork Description

Keep Moving is interesting work on the transient nature of today’s lifestyle. People move from city to city, country to country like never before. Since medieval times, human beings have been traveling to live, to survive from attacks, wars, etc, just to live better lives and provide for their families. 

The artist is trying to depict this as a contemporary issue from that viewpoint of constant moving in order to accomplish the same thing that we used to do hundreds of years ago. The amount of time people spends moving about, in order to live their lives and fulfill their dream is an important subject matter in this work.

This work is done on charcoal, acrylic, and crayons on paper. 

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