Creative Joy of Living II

Deposit: $3,800.00 (to reserve the painting)



Artist: Kondanda Rao

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Dimension: 110cm x 65cm

Year: 2017

Price: $3,800.00

Artwork Description

This work, “Creative Joy of Living II” explores the nature surrounding us and how important it is. How often do we look at nature and capture the scene in our minds? The artist here is recapturing the importance of such introspection that each of us can make with the involvement of nature in our own daily lives. The so-called “important stuff” that we do every day do not leave us any lasting impression. So why not nature? 

Kodanda Rao’s works fundamentally deal with people, the environment, and their conditions. It’s an exploration of situations and experiences that keep shaping humanity in its own existence.


“My introspection through daily life reveals that we are psychologically conditioned by fear, insecurity dependency, peer-pressure and much more………..through my works I examine the beauty and poetry of LIFE and DEATH. A feeling of higher TRUTH understood through the mortal limitations of fear, religion, fatalism etc…”

– Kodanda Rao



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