Colour of Prayer 4

Deposit: $6,900.00 (to reserve the painting)



Artist: Rafiq Shah

Meduim: Oil on canvas
Size: 122cm x 97cm
Year: 2013

Price: $6,900.00

Artwork Description

This artwork is intricate. Complex lines and colours criss-cross each other in harmony. Much like the earth in its morning glory, flush with greenery and the flurry of its inhabitants movements, rays of sunshine accentuating everything moving and nonmoving, swaying in the wind and starting a wonderful sunny lush day!

It’s a very inspiring and cheerful work. All lines are asymmetrical.  The artist paid careful attention to the asymmetrical lines and shades. The spaces in between are very reflective like a mirror. It draws a sense of purity and honesty with the white shades concentrating in the core with the outskirts of the canvas being grey.


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