Santana Gohain

Santana Gohain

Santana Gohain

The connection between me, the surface, materials, tools, the time when my work goes on and the environment and my surroundings, among these elements a relationship or a process happens and it develops into something… Existence… An image!

My work process:- The Process has a major role in my work, which makes a physical and mental relationship with me, both the surface and the process. If the process is not there, the image would not exist.

When I make my work surface, I paste paper on board to make a surface and peel out the surface or paper from the board again and some still remain there with its own character, then I apply colour and again I make image on it. It goes on until I decide to stop it.

My whole environment is full of industrial material and images apart from the nature. I use industrial material like graphite as colour, as clay, I make the graphite like clay and apply on paper on board. As an illusion of steel sheet in a similar process of preparing of a printing block. Buffing and scratching etc…

Thou the image is visually abstract, to some extend whole existence of the image as an object and process is real. And some time the surface become realistic.