Federico Tomasi

Federico Tomasi

“ The expression on a face reflects a person’s state of mind and I use faces as vehicles of expression. In this series of works I wanted to create faces which transform themselves so that they almost resemble masks, where the eyes become life and soul, the soul which hides behind a living mask,” explains the Bali-based artist.

“I love how my work comes completely from my instincts, it’s almost unconscious and I’m never in total control,” says Tomasi, explaining how he works. “I am inspired by my mistakes because it’s not about reaching a goal, it’s the freedom of not knowing where you’ll end up,” he smiles.

“The paint flows wherever it wants to and I think it’s a very nice dialogue. Whenever I look at my works, it seems like they’re always moving.”

“To become an artist, you need a reason to paint, not just the ability. It’s just like a musician and his instrument. You can make music but it has to come from inside, from your soul, if not, there is something missing.”