Creative Joy of Living

“My work fundamentally deal with people,

the environment and their conditions.

It’s an exploration of situations and experiences

that keep shaping humanity in its own existence”.


“My introspection through daily life reveals that

we are psychologically conditioned by fear,

insecurity dependency, peer-pressure and much more…

Through my works I examine the beauty

and poetry of LIFE and DEATH.  A feeling of higher

TRUTH understood through the mortal limitations

of fear, religion, fatalism etc….”

– Kondanda Rao


Exhibition Details

Kondanda Rao Teppala October 1, 2021

My Upcoming exhibition with Artstream Gallery - Singapore will be a fascinating development. The curation will be very interesting. Stay Tuned for updates.

Coming Soon!

Preview of what to expect in the exhibition. This work is called "Another Past"