We believe art is the science of expression in life.

Canvas, colours, brush and liquid are some of the tools in its exploration and discovery.
It is in all we wish to express in life......

Artstream exists to engage and broadcast the flow of that expression
- through the visual arts

"engaging the flow of art"


The journey to the birth of Artstream began back in 1997 in Singapore.  

London Fine Arts gallery was the vehicle founded by Hari at 27, the youngest in the art scene, amongst mostly older gallerists of that time and was located at Tudor Court along Orchard Road.

Being the youngest had its (+ & -)s. That pioneering spirit along with a few others in the visual art industry, paved way for many of today’s vibrant young gallerists in Singapore art scene.

The exploration of art was a platform for business as well as learning. It was a personal journey for Hari.

Art gave me an avenue to express myself and a vast learning experience along with it. Some days were adventurous, as you never know who would come through that front door. - Hari

The purpose of art is washing the dust of our daily life off our souls - Pablo Picasso

Many things in the art world are transient but what I cherish most are the meaningful relationships with the artists, collectors and the art. Art has the power to connect the dots in life and the ability to transform the ordinary into extraordinary. - Hari

He pioneered and collaborated on a unique space that married contemporary fine art and elegant furniture.

Inside Gallery along Tierney Court was the result of that venture, a 1st in Singapore with rave reviews in the media.

It was a space, where I think the art was conversing with the furniture and vice versa and was competing for the gallery space. The experience was fun. In the beginning, we did not even name the gallery. The name came later, hence Inside Gallery.

For Hari, art was not conformed to just canvas. He started exploring into furniture making, designing and got fascinated by it. Being creative, he wanted to explore the living space as how art, furniture and other elements co-exist in a given space.

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