Our Mission

WE BELIEVE ART IS THE SCIENCE OF EXPRESSION IN LIFE. Our purpose is to infuse creativity in the society by presenting art by leading contemporary artists around the world to inspire and empower people. We intend to engage that flow of expression through broadcasting and channeling the visual arts by shaping meaningful relationships with artists, curators, collectors and our general audience.

Our Motto:  “engaging the flow of art

Our Vision

Our focus is to provide our audience with the best gallery experience off-line and on-line. A place where they can come to discover art or to satisfy their artistic needs. We intend to showcase leading contemporary artists as well as promising up and coming artists, selected carefully from around the world by using an unique selection process, where the artists are tested on their ability to explain or express their artworks. The program Artstream gallery includes 8 solo or group exhibitions for the gallery artists and a roster of international art fairs to showcase their works which is being developed and expanded.